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Ancient Battle Alexander computer Game takes you on singular diversion expertise primarily based off on war and bloodshed.

You take half in classic battles wherever you create use of Macedonian Phalangites, Slingers, Indian Elephants, Greek Hoplites, Scythed Chariots, Catapults, Persian Cavalry, Archers, and plenty of other forms of historical war tools. the sport is split in 3 basic campaigns wherever you fight the battles that were once fought by Alexander. The area unitas that you simply cowl are around Balkan nation and Macedonia, and you furthermore might be a section of the battle of Chaeroneawhen the primary one, the second campaign deals with the fights that crystal rectifier him to beat Achaemenid Persian Empireyou need to use brains to affect the rebellious and powerful Spartans in Balkan nationthe ultimate one is concerning his battles in the Republic of India wherever he created yet one more legend.


  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core two couple or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: two GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL two.1 supporting a graphics card
  • Storage: one GB magnetic disk house offered


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